I've decorated that gorgeous, old Georgian for the holidays six times now, and every year I forget how much work it is! We finished the job well after dark, but I am planning to return to the house next week to shoot it in better light. In the meantime, here's a spread of last year's design in the current issue of Serendipity, a great local magazine based in my hometown of Greenwich, CT. Remember their premiere issue with the pretty cupcake on the cover? How about this table setting story we produced back in April? The magazine, I'm happy to say, just gets better with time! 


We only take on a handful of private clients, and this one's a dream. She knows our style and trusts us completely. On the outside of the house, fresh garland with a handmade mix of magnolia, cedar and blue spruce creates a stunning entrance.  


On the inside, I took a cue from the house's rich palette of rust, gold and jade, draping the garland against the curve of the archway for an unexpected take on tradition. 


I've always loved this portrait of my client's grandmother over the fireplace, casually holding court. To add sparkle to the garland, we mixed in clusters of mercury glass ornaments, anchoring each corner with glittered poinsettias, tied with copper double-face satin ribbon.     


For parties especially, I love hanging a wreath on both sides of a front door. That way, guests get to enjoy it both coming and going. Sconces, too, are great places to add holiday charm to your house. Simply wrap a spring of fresh greenery around the base. You can either embellish it or leave it plain.    


Huge thanks to Alanna Jacobs, Suni Unger and Nicole Gull McElroy at Serendipity for including us in the magazine! Next week, we'll show you what we did this year!