To everyone who sent us submissions, sharing stories and images of your boundless creativity—thank you. Now, more than ever, we're reminded of our shared passion to live more beautifully everyday and for that, it's you who are the inspiration for us. So while we continue to enjoy the glimpses you've given us into your worlds, here's another into ours.


A couple of months back, on a blustery day in New York, Jaithan and I went gallivanting around the city in the company of two charming web editors for HGTV Canada, Vanessa Grant and Alicia Cox. Together, they produce Style Sheet, a fun and informative blog full of ideas for creative, budget-friendly decorating. "A Day in the Life," they'd requested—a peek inside my favorite sources around town for design inspiration. So after a quick breakfast at Billy's, we began not at any gallery, museum or store, but rather at a more personal place and a well-kept secret for years.  


You might recall the first time we went digging for treasure with longtime friends Wendy Waxman and Jaime Tulchin. It was Wendy who hired me as a prop stylist at the Food Network years ago, while Jaime has since taken over the position, bringing order to that vast array of props like never before. 


Here's another look inside the prop house, a place that has inspired and informed everything I do.   

But inspiration, I've since discovered—and treasure!—are everywhere.


Back at Food Network, it was my job to scour flea markets, junk shops, estate sales—even the Salvation Army—for vintage servingware with character and charm.  


Now, years later, it's still a place I return to every chance I get. 

Sometimes, though, you have to look high for the dazzling few pieces that bring the wow to a room.


Over the years, artist and antiques dealer Deborah Buck, a longtime friend from my House Beautiful days, has taught me a thing or two about style. She effortlessly mixes time periods and price points at Buck House for a look that's chic and unexpected. 


It was Deborah who hosted a glittering party, published in The Times, when Top Design premiered…


…her turquoise ceramic lamps in our winning window for ELLE DECOR…


…and her shimmery brass tray above the chair in the window for Carleton V.


Her talent, entrepreneurial spirit and great generosity inspire me everyday. 

After spotting the brass tray at Buck House to hang in the window for Carleton V, it was off to our final stop of the day, M&J Trimming, my favorite place in the city for decorative trims, cords and fringe as far as the eye can see.


Anyone can make a store bought pillow, for example, so much more personal by simply adding trim. M&J is one of those places where work doesn't seem like work at all, where I lose myself creating, experimenting, layering one thing upon the other until I've come up with something I love!

Thank you to Vanessa Grant and Alicia Cox with HGTV Canada for keeping us company for the day! Now what about you? If the cameras were turned, following you around for the day in search of the people and places that most inspire you, where would you go?