If getting published is top priority on your list this year, maybe I can help. As an editor, I'm always looking for new projects and locations to bring to friends and colleagues at magazines. From DIY to decorator and everything in between: sometimes, it's only a matter of finding the right fit! Take this story I shot for Woman's Day, a kitchen redo by San Diego-based designer, Amy Meier


Amy we met at a party in L.A. during WestWeek. Turns out, she's a super talented designer who's definitely one to watch. This kitchen she did for newlywed clients without even replacing the cabinets! Instead, she had a decorative painter do a faux striae, then swapped out dated pulls and handles for more stylish ones. It's that kind of clever, real-life approach to design that I'm looking for!


I'm also on the hunt for locationsβ€”stylish rooms and outdoor spaces to shoot holiday and entertaining stories. Back at House Beautiful, my friend Hannah's dining room provided the perfect setting for a traditional farmhouse Thanksgiving, inspired by a set of amber depression glass I found at the New York City flea market.  


From simple furniture makeovers to whole room redos, I want to see them! You never know where your beloved creation could appear. That dusty, old secretary I made over with mirror and paint eventually wound up in Domino.


These shield back chairs I found at the Goodwill were picked up by Canada's Style At Home.


And that simple sink skirt I made from dollar-store dish towels soon found their way into Lonny


So did our friend Cara's beautiful baubles. As soon as we put that chic, navy blue necklace on Michelle Adams during the Thanksgiving shoot at our house, she was sold! Here's her full-page feature in last month's gift guide. 


Around the same time, we helped our friend Susan get her matchbooks with handmade decoupaged covers into House Beautiful!  


Now, judging from all of your blog posts, comments and emails popping up in my Inbox, there are so many of you out there being their own decorator and creating beautiful, handmade things. Here's your chance to show it all off! Simply email pictures and a brief description of your work to submissions@eddieross.com. I'll take a look, and if there's a magazine that I feel strongly should see it, I'll pass it on to my contacts personally! There's a lot of incredibly beautiful, original work out there that deserves to be seen. Now spread the word to your friends, followers and readers and keep those submissions coming!