Craving a decadent Valentine's Day craft? 


Here's a story I produced with five easy and enchanting ways to frame your favorite photos. First, add a touch of sparkle to store-bought mats with mirror tiles secured with glue. Just don't tell Amy how lovestruck we are with Kevin's Nantucket Reds. 


To make a sweet surround for your little one, trim a mat with ribbon. Of course, who better to play the part than Seleta's Sterling Grace?  


Next, turn a favorite page into a meaningful mat with beautiful books, maps or even newspapers. Here, WD editor Ayn-Monique and new hubby Josh live happily ever after inside an encyclopedia entry about love. 


Finally, baby Ella's spreading her wings in a mat stamped with lady bugs, while Grace and her family shine like stars in magic-marker stripes. 


Thank you to our friends for their frame-worthy photos! Your prints have charmed us all!