Sorry for the silence, everyone! If you're following us on Twitter, you already know that we've been on the road again, shopping the flea market with readers and producing stories for magazines. Speaking of, have you seen my cover of Woman's Day this month? 


For over a year, editor in chief Elizabeth Mayhew has been adeptly reinventing the magazine, freshening up its pages with smart but subtle changes. Now there's a new Creative Director in the house as well. Liza Aelion's her name, formerly of The Knot/Nest/Bump. She's the talent behind that sleek layout of my budget bedroom makeover in The Nest. For the April issue of Woman's Day, Elizabeth and Liza presented me with a dream assignment: Produce an easy but elegant entertaining/craft story for Easter, one of my absolute favorite holidays. Flash forward five months, and here you have it! The eggs on the cover are a mix of paper mâché and plastic boxes that I glittered and covered with Caspari paper napkins, then embellished with flower confetti. 


That's Home Editor Ayn-Monique Klahre, holding a dish of creamy scalloped potatoes, some of the best I've ever had! The topiaries I made by gluing paper napkin-covered plastic eggs onto Easter grass-covered Styrofoam cones, while the compotes are vintage ironstone from our prop house. How pretty would they be as a centerpiece on a brunch buffet or two on either side of a fireplace mantle? 


Silverplate bread baskets you (or your mother) once owned get a modern makeover filled with candy and decorated eggs, some my own, others by über-talented Ukranian artist Katya Trishuck. Check out her shop on Etsy!  


By now, you may have already heard that Jaithan and I moved from our farmhouse in Millerton, New York to a charming town in northwest Connecticut called Norfolk. More on that to come, I assure you, but for now, here's the table I set for a casual Easter brunch in the breakfast room of…our new house! The white chargers are from Christmas Tree Shop, while the blue plates are vintage Fire King Azurite that I've been collecting for years. The depression glass egg cups in the center were a gift from our friend Kelley Moore, one of my talented co-hosts on HGTV's Halloween Block Party! 


Here's a shot of the Easter buffet I styled on the Parsons table now in our window for Carleton V


I may not have cooked the food myself, but every recipe is super easy to follow and tasted delicious!


The paper napkin-covered eggs, topiary and glittered egg box I made are all just as doable, I promise.


So with plenty of time until Easter, why not create something beautiful you and your family will love and keep for years to come?


Huge thanks to photographer Mikki Duisterof, one of the best in the business, together with all the talented editors at Woman's Day. Happy Easter egg decorating, everyone! Come back soon for everything that went on behind the scenes!