If you're thinking of throwing a party of your own this Fourth and need more inspiration, here are some of the pictures from ours that didn't make the magazine, captured by photographer Laura Moss for Woman's Day.   


The bunting we made from inexpensive fabric, cut into triangles and strung along the fence to greet guests as they entered.


Miniature versions adorned a tiered tray of cupcakes, finished with grosgrain ribbon.    


The final touch: lit sparklers as cupcake toppers. Careful now! And make sure you have a bucket of water handy to put them in after they go out.  


What's a summer party in the country without a farmstand cruditรฉ? Ours I served in vintage berry baskets with a hallowed out cabbage for dip


I made the corn dogs from scratch, served in a vintage wooden mustard box from a salvage shop in upstate New York.


The pulled pork, on the other hand, I picked up from our favorite little barbecue joint When Pigs Fly in Sharon, Connecticut. A quick coat of spray paint kept the vintage flower basket in palette.   


Here's our friend Elizabeth Moyer, toting twin gifts in navy and white. Among the other guests: friends and bloggers Debra PhillipsLauren LiessMichele GinnertyPatricia van EsscheReginald Darling and Valorie Hart.


Check out the fun video that Valorie's darling husband Alberto made! The portrait of Michele, Patricia, Elizabeth and Valorie appeared in a story on digital connections in the November 2010 issue of Woman's Day.

Soon, our yard would be filled with guests! Here's Katie in a vintage gingham apron, serving up sliders. 


Of course, our friend Diane's sweet Lucy was more than a little jealous. 


Jaithan and I have since moved from this house, but looking back on it all, we can't help but miss our little cottage in the country.