When we weren't digging for treasure, styling photo shoots or playing hat tricks this summer, we were out and about in Sag Harbor with Heidi. Here we are together on the cover of Hamptons


Well—truth be told, we didn't see Heidi out in Sag, but we do share cover space. You just have to look a little harder.


Hamptons has always been a favorite of ours—the party pages alone are worth the read-—so we're truly honored to contribute! 


Jaithan and I co-produced and wrote the story together with photographs from Eric Striffler. "Harbor Master," it's called, a walking tour of my top five picks for the finest antiques, art and collectibles in Sag Harbor.


Here it is in more blog-friendly format, beginning with our first stop of the day, Neo Studio, the modernist depot of Jean-Yves Legrand, an exceedingly charming fellow made even more so by his lilting, effervescent accent. Stepping into his storefront is like touring the most splendid auction house in Paris. Every time I go to Neo Studio, I fall in love with something new, strange and wonderful that I never could have possibly imagined bringing into my house but within minutes, poking in corners, drinking it in, I simply can't live without.  


For 11 summers, Legrand has quietly filled a house on Madison Street once owned by a sea captain with an ever changing mix. The barrel-back chair is Hollywood Regency in a buttery mahogany. I'd cover a pair of them in black burlap, flanking a fireplace or a console in a long hall.


The brass sculpture of Puccini's heroine Mimi from LaBohème is the work of artist Lee Menichetti. It's a haunting, beautiful piece and always the first to welcome me into New-Studio's fanciful world.


The ceramic bust is actually a jardinière, painted to mimic the look of volcanic rock and malachite. I'd place it beside a bench in a master bath with rolled up towels or in a foyer filled with wildflowers.


Next up: Ruby Beets, an old favorite with new digs…