Last summer, the folks over at Ralph Lauren asked me to design a vignette around their new St. Honoré bedding collection, debuting at Bloomingdale’s this fall.


As soon as I saw that chic pagoda pattern on the duvet, I knew I wanted to create a room that was glamorous and beautiful with subtle pops of pink and a great mix of new and antique objects. To bring balance to the feminine palette of the bedding, I designed a bed hanging made from an unlikely mix of men’s suiting fabric and coral silk velvet, both from Ralph Lauren Home.


The abstract piece over the bed is from Romanian artist Eugene Motz. Our friends at Artaissance reproduced the work on paper, and Larson-Juhl framed it. I love pairing modern art with traditional furniture for a fresh, unexpected look.


Down in Atlanta, where we shot the vignette for the Bloomingdale’s September Home Book, I found this great metal bench at Antique Factory in Chamblee. If you’ve never been, go. You’ll thank me later.


For a quick redo, I spray painted the metal black and covered the cushion with some of the men’s suiting fabric from the bed hanging.


Ta-dah! Here’s the finished vignette!


The rug is from Keivan Woven Arts in Buckhead. They’re some of the nicest people in the business, and I wanted everything they had. The chandelier we borrowed from Antique Factory, then paired it with lamp shades lined in metallic marble paper. And yes, it pained me to give it all back.


The flowers I did myself in a pale pink palette inspired by the bedding.


Here’s the arrangement I made on a chest of drawers, along with our own Jasperware bowl I brought down for the shoot. (Those security guys love me.) The collection of art we put together from thrift shops and antique stores around town.


The vintage jewelry and accessories on the bedside table we borrowed from an antique mall in Chamblee. She’s a glamour girl, this one, with the props to prove it. And no, we didn’t have fun shopping for such things. None at all.


Huge thanks to Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s for the honor, along with everyone at B2 Creative for helping us pull it all together! Finally, be sure to check out the other vignettes from style bloggers Michelle Adams, Jennifer Boles and Marisa Marcantonio. Clever tips for a stylish bedroom abound!