I was in Pennsylvania last week, crossing the Wright’s Ferry Bridge over the Susquehanna, when I stopped (abruptly, heart racing) at Burning Bridge Antiques in Columbia.


Amid aisles of charming American-made antiques, this striped wonder caught my eye. I’m a sucker for antique linens, especially in their original boxes. Original Box (often but not always) = Never Used.


Inside I found two vintage pillowcases with a sweet ombre emroidery that would certainly add vintage charm to the twin beds in our guest room at Pine Hill. And for 8 bucks, why not?


I love a “well-placed” set of quotation marks.


After soaking the pillowcases in hot water and OxiClean (no, I’m not on the payroll; it just works), the age marks came right out!


Blue and white can seem a little too cool in the winter, especially in a guest room, but the knotty pine paneling and wool coachman’s blanket add warmth. The Chinoiserie needlepoint pillow is one of my favorites; I found two of them at an estate sale down the street from us, 20 dollars for the pair. And do you remember this table? I repurposed it as a bedside and yes, I did take the booze out.


Now I think the pillowcases look just as expensive as any of the ones from fancy monogram shops. They bring a sense of humor, too, setting the tone for a fun weekend getaway at Pine Hill Farm!