Last weekend’s storm cloaked Pine Hill Farm in white, leaving an icy chill in its wake. After a couple of selfies in the snow, my friend Austin and I were craving a hearty, warming pasta…


…and for that, I knew just where to go.


Every Villarina’s store feels like a beautifully curated pantry full of fresh, artisanal foods.


The pasta and sauces are all homemade; my favorite is the lobster ravioli with vodka sauce, but tonight we’re having cavatelli with fresh broccoli rabe, parmasean, plenty of garlic and turkey sausage in place of pork.


A quick stop at a local Goodwill produced two treasures: an All-Clad non-stick pan, gently used, for $8.99 (new ones run for over a hundred) and a Danish blue and white porcelain ice scoop from the 50s. The pan was in perfectly good condition; it had simply never been cared for and was now baked-on with grime. After soaking it in a solution of boiling hot water and OxiClean to release the grease, I cleaned it as I normally would with dish washing liquid and water, leaving it sparkling like new.


Before putting my new pan to use, browning the turkey, we needed a little something to snack on while we cooked: a light Pinot Noir in handblown crystal glasses and manchego cheese on a Paris porcelain platter with creamware shell dishes from an antique mall outside of Boston, 10 dollars for the set.


While Austin worked her magic in the kitchen, prepping the cavatelli for boiling…


…I assembled the trays for our fireside dinner. The bowls are Eggshell Nautilis from the 30s, the goblets are smoked glass and the napkin rings are cloisonné.


The vintage bamboo trays I picked up at thrift shops, one or two at a time, until I’d completed a set of 12.


Dinner is served: a warming winter pasta for a cold, Connecticut night.


And for dessert? Snapping up from the dishrack my new Danish ice cream scoop, I served caramel-creamy dulce de leche from Häagen-Dazs with ginger snaps in champagne coupes from Crate & Barrel.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Back on Wednesday with a fresh take on a quirky set of vintage pillow cases you’ll love!