Top Design premieres tonight on Bravo and to celebrate, I’m propping the bar with everything I love, including this 1930s sterling silver overlay ice bucket from—can you believe it?—the Salvation Army.


If only my good friend, Pottery Barn tabletop designer Tony Leo were here to turn out the drinks with me! As designers, Tony and I are always looking for our next inspiration, so whenever he’s in town, the two of us are sure to hit up the New York City flea market. This piece, I know he’d appreciate. It’s the perfect size for an intimate cocktail party. Plus, I love the silver overlay monogram adhered to the glass, a technique that dates back to 1889. Sometimes, you’ll find vintage ice buckets in the shape of barrels; others with silver-plated handles and etched monograms. I love running them down a table all mixed together, each with a different style of monogram and filled with a single type of flower.