There's a sale on laced edge milk glass at our Etsy store. Good, old pieces with intricate openwork, like wintry white snowflakes on Christmas morning. Or a sweet celebration supper come evening.  


Compotes abound at prices 15-20% off. For a no-fail centerpiece, fill them with fruit, candy, or beautifully wrapped gifts.  


Fantastic candlesticks, big and small, for year-round chic.  


For the flower-challenged, skip something fresh in favor of sweet, like pretty peppermint pillows in a delicate laced edge dish.      


Six salad plates of a similar style are topped with napkins wrapped in paper strips, like gifts for your guests.  


And to drink, wine in unusual milk glass goblets, water in laurel leaf etched glass


Though vintage, their combination is eclectic and fresh.  


On my tables, I love to mix more than match. A set of Rogers silverplate knives mixes beautifully with any flatware, traditional or modern. Czechoslovakian salt cellars with handblown spoons are jewelry for the table. 


Plenty of wintry white sparkle for the table, hand-picked from me to you, on sale now.